Unique, custom made clothing

Larimeloom garments, from a simple tshirt to a full fledged wedding dress, are all designed and individually crafted by hand, custom made to measure.
I am committed to keeping things small, high quality, and most of all, personal. Here you can shop my ever growing collection of made to measure everyday and bridal wear.

The atelier

My atelier is central to my creative process.
It’s handmade, time worn details envelope me in their peaceful warmth and set the stage for my ideas to flow.

Each room has it’s function: an office, a crowded storage room, the sewing room and a tiny cozy showroom.

This is where the magic happens, my cozy kingdom where I get to shut the door, turn on my beloved podcasts and sew to my heart’s content.

italian designer atelier
italian dress showroom
Handmade clothing
Larimeloom - italian designer dress
clothes italian showroom
italian clothes showroom
italian clothes atelier
italian atelier clothes