Where and how to find me:

My studio is located in the small town of Peveragno, at the foot of the Alps of north-west Italy. It is a beautiful historical building, with crooked walls, brick ceilings and small, irregular spaces.
You are more then welcome to visit me, to see where I work and try on dresses and clothing to your hearts content.
To schedule an appointment just give me a call, at +39 320 1490373.

If (as is probable) you live too far away to come in person, I can be reached at all times via e-mail, either at info@larimeloom.com or though the message form.

You can also keep up with my general doings by following me online at:


Maria Lucia Squillari
Via Giambattista Vico, 93
42124 Reggio Emilia (RE)

Vat ID: IT03285880047
+39 320 1490373

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